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"Inspire to excel"

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About the EFBQ

The European Foundation for Business Qualification (EFBQ) uses a unique qualification method for continuous improvement in a business benchmark with boards and management teams of a maximum of 100 selected companies from various industries. The business benchmark inspires all members of management to excel, both individually and as a team. Exclusivity is offered to one participant per industry.

Participants are ambitious organisations that believe growth arises from sharing insight, knowledge and experiences. By benchmarking with best practices, these companies recognise what they already excel at and where possible improvement areas lie. The benchmark of the EFBQ is not a minimum standard or an average, but rather best practices. These are current and realised business cases within the business benchmark group.

The EFBQ qualifies distinctive entrepreneurship. Distinctive entrepreneurship exists in many forms, but essentially, it always comes down to the same thing: not just 'doing things right', but above all 'doing the right things' with a focus on continuity, results and value creation.

In practice, distinctive entrepreneurship is expressed in boards and management teams through knowing what they want and realising what they want. A true entrepreneur in heart and soul naturally follows certain thought and action patterns that help an organisation to grow and excel. They have no problem making the right decisions, they tend to feel exactly which way things are going and motivates their team to move in the right direction. An entrepreneur does this instinctively and will not always comprehend why he or she takes these exact steps and in what order. The EFBQ arose from fundamental research into this intuitive entrepreneurship, to be able to distinguish between successful and less successful companies. Read more about our history.

The result is a complete classification standard with over 800 considerations that participants can use as a guideline on their path to qualifying for distinctive entrepreneurship. These considerations form the basis of the unique Business Qualification Standard®, which is continuously enriched and updated by the Business Benchmark Centre, with best practices from the EFBQ Business Benchmark Group and the EFBQ Expert Community.

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Geert KuperusGeert Kuperus
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Keje I.M. MolenaarKeje I.M. Molenaar
Member of the Board
Drs. Hans C. BlankertDrs. Hans C. Blankert
Member of the EFBQ Advisory Board
Gerrit SchipperGerrit Schipper
Member of the Board
Sandra AndraeSandra Andrae
Director Business Benchmark Centre


The business benchmark inspires to excel individually and as a team.
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The benchmark

Business qualification means doing the right things with a focus on value creation for the organization. Read more


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