Benchmark Meetings

“We connect our participants with best practices”

Benchmark Meetings

Several times a year participants meet to discuss strategic issues and share best practices. The goal of the EFBQ Benchmark Meetings is to give members of the board and management team the opportunity to step out of their daily operational activities, gain insight into the strategic and operational processes across industries and to learn from other professionals. These meetings, supervised by an experienced moderator, inspire all members of management to excel individually.

For all strategic functions, Benchmark Meetings in their own field are organised a few times per year, such as for Executive Owners, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations or HRM. These are small-scale meetings in which actively exchanging knowledge and experiences is encouraged. These could be current developments in the field concerned and each manager may present their own strategic issue for discussion. Benchmark Meetings are also organised for specific current developments or themes. During all meetings, a protocol is used to safeguard high-quality discussions and mutual confidentiality. For a current overview, please see our schedule here.


The business benchmark inspires to excel individually and as a team.
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The benchmark

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