“Best Practices from different sectors determine the norm”


“Best Practices from different sectors determine the norm”

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Business Benchmark

The business benchmark qualifies what is already going well and encourages improvement. A customised roadmap, a toolbox with best practices, business reviews, focused business meetings with experts and 1-on-1 contacts with successful examples of entrepreneurs, periodically offer a mirror in a process of continuous improvement of business results and personal developments.

The business benchmark group consists of a maximum of 100 ambitious businesses from different industries that are willing to actively participate and share their best practices. We employ a careful selection procedure to safeguard the value of the benchmark group and offer exclusivity to one participant per industry.

By benchmarking, organisations recognise what they already excel at and where possible improvement areas lie. The benchmark for this is not a minimum standard or an average, but rather the best practices of the business benchmark group.

Because businesses and their management measure themselves against target companies from other industries, they are able to further expand their horizon, learn from developments in other industries and realise continuous improvement. Even when they are viewed as frontrunners in their own industry, this keeps businesses sharp and allows management to improve the business's distinctive capacity in the short term and safeguard it in the long term.

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The business benchmark inspires to excel individually and as a team.
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The benchmark

Business qualification means doing the right things with a focus on value creation for the organization. Read more


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