Best Practices Toolbox

The Best Practices Toolbox contains practical tools for realising continuous improvement in the operational activities and strategic processes. The Toolbox contains sets of strategic questions and considerations from the unique Business Qualification Standard®, best practices, management models and methodologies concerning all policy aspects.

The toolbox is constantly enriched and updated based on current developments and best practices of participating companies and experts. A prerequisite for inclusion of the various tools in the Best Practices Toolbox is that they have proven themselves in practice. This allows participants to take a look behind the scenes at companies that have discovered or successfully implemented a certain tool or business practice.

Participants gain a competitive edge because they do not have to reinvent the wheel themselves or deal with the same pitfalls. By learning from pragmatic and practical examples, participants are able to immediately take the right steps and speed up improvement processes.

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De business benchmark inspireert om individueel en als team uit te blinken.
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Dé benchmark

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