Business Benchmark Centre

The Business Benchmark Centre is the EFBQ knowledge centre where both the best practices and the improvement areas of all associated participants, their managers and the external experts are anonymously brought together. These experiences and insights are used to keep the Business Qualification Standard® at a high and up-to-date level. The knowledge centre also connects businesses based on their strategic questions to best practices of other participants.

Participating companies and their managers are guided and supported by the Business Benchmark Centre during the process of continuous improvement. This starts at the intake of a new participant, where an extensive inventory of the wishes and needs, most relevant policy aspects and areas for improvement lead to a customised Business Qualification Roadmap.

The Business Benchmark Centre can advise participants on finding the most relevant tools and suitable sparring partners or can offer additional process support in the qualification process. At various moments in the process, the Business Benchmark Centre plans a Business Review to safeguard the progress.

A company qualifies for distinctive entrepreneurship when it has formulated a strategic framework, translated this into the organisation's relevant policy aspects and manages to realise its stated goals. Naturally, a company determines what it will focus on itself. A manager qualifies for distinctive entrepreneurship when they are recognised as best in class by other professionals in their field. Various review moments are planned throughout the Business Qualification Process, such as the Benchmark Meetings or Business Reviews.

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De business benchmark inspireert om individueel en als team uit te blinken.
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Dé benchmark

Business kwalificatie betekent de juiste dingen doen met focus op waarde creatie voor de organisatie. Lees meer


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