Business Qualification Process

Business Benchmark

The business benchmark qualifies what is already going well and encourages improvement. A customised roadmap, a toolbox with best practices, business reviews, focused business meetings with experts and 1-on-1 contacts with successful examples of entrepreneurs, periodically offer a mirror in a process...
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Business Qualification Roadmap®

The Business Qualification Standard® is the yardstick for distinctive entrepreneurship. It is a unique qualification concept for constant improvement in a business benchmark with board and management teams of a maximum of 100 selected businesses more

Best Practices Toolbox

The Best Practices Toolbox contains practical handles for realising continuous improvement in daily operational activities and strategic management processes. The toolbox contains sets of strategic questions and considerations from the unique Business Qualification Standard®, best practices, management models more

Business Benchmark Centre

The Business Benchmark Centre is the EFBQ knowledge centre where both the best practices and areas for improvement of all associated participants, their managers and the external experts are anonymously brought together. These experiences and insights…read more

Benchmark Meetings

There are several fixed moments per year during which participants meet to discuss strategic issues and share best practices. The goal of the Benchmark Meetings is to give members of the board and…read more

Business Qualification Reviews

In the Business Qualification Reviews, we safeguard the progress on realising the continuous improvement process that has been formulated and planned in the Business Qualification Roadmap. In the review…read more


De business benchmark inspireert om individueel en als team uit te blinken.
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Dé benchmark

Business kwalificatie betekent de juiste dingen doen met focus op waarde creatie voor de organisatie. Lees meer


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