Ansaldo Thomassen (Turbine Systems)

Design, manufacture and service of high quality gas turbine systems.

Ridder Drive Systems

Complete range of electromechanical drive systems for moving air windows, screens, valves, heating and feed lines.

Mosadex C.V.

Pharmaceutical wholesaler in i.a. drugstore articles, self-medication and care service concepts.

Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen

Producer of polyethylene packaging.

Coöperatieve Bloemenveiling Floraholland UA

FloraHolland is a cooperative organization consisting of and acting for growers of ornamental cultivation products.

Eaton Industries (Netherlands) B.V.

Industrial manufacturer of electrical switchgear and distribution systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), industrial automation products.

Hitec Power Protection International B.V.

Supplier of environmentally friendly diesel UPS (Uninterruptible Power Systems) and Ride Through systems.

Eleq B.V.

Production and trade in electro-technical materials.

Van Hoorn Carbide B.V.

Production of durable parts and high quality solid carbide cutters.