The European Classification Standard® [EC-Standard®] is a standardized management assessment that focuses on strategic entrepreneurship and the enterprise’s ability to anticipate. The EC-Standard® consists of a methodology and the strategic benchmark thereof. A few specific management tools that were developed for the EFBQ provide this methodology with shape and structure:

  • EFBQ Questionnaire – an extensive questionnaire in modular form. Parts of it can be used by participants to fill certain gaps in the strategic entrepreneurship.
  • EFBQ Quick Start Module – tool for a quick and flexible formulation of a strategic plan. This manual results in a limited number of A-4 sheets, which makes it possible to act quickly with regard to managing and adjusting the organization.
  • EFBQ Strategische Vragensets – six sets of questions help the board and/or management team formulate a strategic framework of the organization more concretely.

EFBQ participants are invited to utilize the tools provided, but may also apply for the EFBQ assessment using their own strategic plans.

EFBQ Assessment

  • Benchmark
  • Measures foundation and feasibility
  • “Best in class”