"For a stronger business community in an international arena"

EFBQ Society Kasteel Heemstede

EFBQ Society Kasteel Heemstede is located in Kasteel Heemstede in Houten (near Utrecht). On the second floor the EFBQ provides the CEO-members of the society with seven special inspiration rooms. Members may use the society for business meetings and as inspiration space for (strategic) meetings, sales presentations, private lunches, etcetera. The so-called 'strategic sessions' are generally refered to as 'castle sessions' under the principle of: 'Build your own Business Castle'a defensible structure with a strong business sense for profitability, continuity and value creation.

All EFBQ Society rooms have their own theme and conference tables.

Society Lounge

The EFBQ Society Lounge is the central meeting room. With the smell of fresh coffee and tasty treats, this is the place for meeting, getting to know each other and relaxation.

In the EFBQ Boardroom members of the Board gather in order to determine progress in realisation of the goals, evaluate the dashboard(s) and plan intervention where needed. The decor of the room invites those present to make balanced decisions, discuss progress and intervention.

The EFBQ Library Tower is used for gathering and analysing internal and external knowledge in order to gain more insight. the SWOT-, competitor-, stakeholder-, portfolio- and/or scenario-analysis may help increase insight. Which developments, internal and external, are significant and which are not? Round conference table for a maximum of 7 persons available.

In the EFBQ Castle Kitchen EFBQ members share their 'kitchen secrets'. These may include succes stories, but also the failures and how these have been resolved.

The EFBQ Vision Tower is used in order to apply a vision, mission and policy to the analyses and insights. These may then be translated into concrete goals, focal points and priorities.

In the EFBQ Strategy Tower focus is placed on execution and realisation. In other words, 'the road to...'. How are the business goals translated into operational goals and subsequently translated into operational goals? How do we remain or get 'in control'?

In the EFBQ Mirror Hall all EFBQ meetings take place and this is where peers and colleagues share insight, knowledge and experience with each other. They provide each other with a mirror, keep each other sharp and provide practical examples. Within or through the EFBQ no consultancy services will be provided. These are exchanges of knowledge between peers who are both giving and receiving this knowledge.


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