EFBQ Assessment

The EFBQ assessment measures the foundation and the feasibility of the adopted policy, the state of the enterprise, the cohesion and consistency of the management, and the extent to which the policy is geared to the market situation and demand. A complete overview of the assessment criteria is available on our Intranet.

During the assessment, more than 60 aspects of the organization’s policy are compared to the EFBQ benchmark. The standard is determined by the “best in class” (i.e. the top score). A currently assessed participant may have earned this, but in some cases, participants who have now left the network, achieved this score (>200 assessed companies). They form the benchmark for one or more policy aspects until a newly assessed company achieves a new top score. This system ensures a regular reassessment of the methodology, because the relative value of a score that was once high may decrease in the context of a continuously improving network of enterprises that never cease to learn.

The assessment is conducted by two assessors, the Preferred Assessor and the Coordinator of the EFBQ’s Assessment Centre, and consists of two main components: verification interviews and document examination. An assessment will not require more than half a day from each member of the management team to prepare the examination (collecting the strategic and operational documents that are used to manage the enterprise) and have the verification interview with the assessors.

Management Toolbox

A large number of management tools are applied in practice by the participants in the EFBQ Reference Group.