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"Inspire to excel"

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The EFBQ Expert Community

To continuously innovate in terms of knowledge and experience, the EFBQ uses a flexible layer of experts in various fields and industries. For the EFBQ participants, this brings refreshing insights and ideas during the Business Benchmark Meetings. This Expert Community consists of management and mt members of companies that are not part of the EFBQ Benchmark Group, but who want and can exchange knowledge and experience with EFBQ participants or other members of the Expert Community.

A director or manager becomes a member of the Expert Community in a personal capacity and must meet a number of conditions. For example, a member of the Expert Community may not represent a company that is a competitor or important customer or supplier of an EFBQ participant. Moreover, the expert may not represent a strategic consultancy or work independently as a strategic consultant. And of course, the expert must be prepared to sign a mutual confidentiality agreement and respect the confidentiality of meetings and other contacts. Most importantly, an Expert Community member enjoys sharing their knowledge, best practices and strategic issues with others at a strategic level.

The members of the Expert Community regularly participate in Business Benchmark Meetings, but are also open to specific strategic issues. As a mentor or sparring partner, they can mean a lot to a company.

Would you like to know more about participating in the EFBQ Expert Community? Or do you have an issue that you would like to discuss with an expert in that field? Contact the EFBQ Business Benchmark Center on 030 - 69 85 500 or secretariaat@efbq.nl.

Contact details are not passed on to participants or other experts without express permission.

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