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"Inspire to excel"

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Extract of the Statutes

The European Foundation for Business Qualification, abbreviated as the “EFBQ,” is statutorily registered as a non-profit foundation, filed with the KVK Utrecht (nr. 41187189). On May 15th, 1992 (the fifteenth of May nineteen hundred and ninety-two), the EFBQ was approved by the European Commission as a network of enterprises in which entrepreneurs in the member countries of the European Union can exchange knowledge and experiences in the area of strategic and anticipatory entrepreneurship.

The foundation aims to:

  • Promote quality and competences in the area of strategic and anticipatory entrepreneurship, well-executed business operations, reliability, and progressive entrepreneurship for the European enterprises that participate in “the foundation,” based on the “EFBQ concept;”
  • Qualify and distinctively profile participating companies that achieve a top score in the assessment on the European Classification Standard;
  • Acquire and maintain license rights according to the EFBQ concept.

Among other things, the foundation seeks to achieve its objective by:

  • Assembling a selected number of enterprises that position themselves in the market as “learning enterprises” and that strive for quality, competences, and qualification in the area of strategic and anticipatory entrepreneurship, well-executed  business operations, reliability, and progressive entrepreneurship, and that are willing to test, measure, and compare the progression thereof;
  • Allowing selected enterprises to participate in a management qualification project according to the European Classification Standard®;
  • Determining an anonymous score for over 55 business operations components compared to “best practices” – after an assessment;
  • Benchmarking anonymously in order to compare the achieved results with other participants from various branches;
  • Organizing, coordinating, and facilitating Roundtables, Management Tables, and Theme meetings for managers of participating enterprises in order to share knowledge and experiences and be able to learn from each other;
  • Qualifying participating enterprises on the levels of “Qualified Company,” “European Business Star,” and (a nomination for) the “European Business Award;”
  • Promoting the recognition and distinctive profiling of such qualified enterprises;
  • Establishing a European award called the “European Business Award” and a European recognition for good performance in qualification in the form of granting the predicates “European Business Star” and “Qualified Company”;
  • Promoting the desired publicity for “the foundation” and its participants;
  • Initiating, promoting, supporting, and performing any other activities that may result in the achievement of the objectives.


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