"For a stronger business community in an international arena"

Independent Institute for business Qualification

Founded in 1992 under the auspices of the European Commission

The European Foundation for Business Qualification (EFBQ) was founded in 1992 under the auspices of the European Commission and aims to bring about a stronger position for the business community in a European market without borders. Companies have a strong need to profile themselves as the best within their respective markets and to distinguish themselves from the competition.

The EFBQ aims to promote, test, and qualify strategic entrepreneurship in a network, the EFBQ Peer Group, which consists of exemplary companies from various branches. By means of the EC-Standard®, a unique method that assesses all relevant aspects of operational management, the EFBQ Peer Group has become the benchmark for strategic entrepreneurship.

Mission EFBQ

The EFBQ promotes, tests, and qualifies strategic entrepreneurship in a network of enterprises that wish to learn from each other. This mission is pursued in various ways.

For a stronger business community in an international arena

Companies and their management draw inspiration from other exemplary companies and branches within the EFBQ network. Even companies that are regarded as the leaders in their respective branches can further expand their horizons, learn from developments in other branches, and realize continuous improvement. In doing so, companies remain at the top of their game and management can improve the enterprise’s distinctive capacity in the short term and secure it in the long term.

Unique Method

  • Assessment on feasibility and ability to anticipate
  • A ‘mirror’ on strategic entrepreneurship
  • Management toolbox