“Are all management competencies fully developed and applied to the business?”


“Are all management competencies fully developed and applied to the business?”

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EFBQ Leadership Development Program®

The rapid changes in society and technology mean that companies have to constantly review and adjust their strategy. A stumbling block is that the strategy is often ready for the future, but the employees are not yet. The EFBQ positively changes this with the Leadership Development Program. This training program is aimed at training employees who are not yet participating in the Management Team, to develop their leadership and to help them think and participate in their organization at a strategic level.

The Leadership Development Program is an ongoing development project for the exchange of knowledge and experience for personal growth and development. Employees, managers or executives who have the drive to grow quickly within your company, have the potential to grow as a senior, show a different leadership style and show the commitment to stay with your organization are ideal for to report for this process.

The meetings are thematically oriented to current events. You can join the program at any time. For the various meetings, the level of experience of those present is taken into account in order to meet the development needs.

Experts from the Business Benchmark Group and the EFBQ Expert Community will share their knowledge with the participants in the Leadership Development Program. They open up their network and act as sparring partners and / or mentors.

Would you like to know more about the EFBQ Leadership Development Program? Contact the EFBQ Business Benchmark Center on 030 - 69 85 500 or

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