Management Tables

Exchanging insights, knowledge, and experiences with other branches

The board and management team members of EFBQ participants are given the opportunity to discuss current strategic issues with fellow professionals during private gatherings. That way, they are able to further develop their strategic thinking.

Designed for all management team members in many function areas

Management Tables

Several times a year, a Management Table is put together for the primary function groups within your enterprise. Currently, the following Tables are organized on a regular basis:

  • Director-Major Shareholders
  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations (Production/Logistics - Services)
  • HRM
  • Finance
  • Purchasing
  • ICT
  • QHSE: Quality Health Safety & Environment
  • Research & Development

During these small-scale meetings, you can discuss current strategic issues in your own field and share practical experiences with 7 to 8 fellow professionals. The meetings are generally held at a central location in the country and run from 03.30 PM to 09.00 PM. A dinner of culinary excellence will be served. The objective of the Management Tables is to gain insight into cross-industry business processes and to learn from each other. That way, the individual management team members can work on their personal growth and development, an optimal performance of their function, and input into the company’s management team. When composing the Management Tables, the EFBQ takes diversity within branches and experiences into account. Consequently, the composition varies per meeting, partly to expand the networks of the attendees and to increase the insights that can be obtained. Participation in the Tables occurs by personal invitation only. However, it is possible to express your interests and preferences to us.

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