“To distinghuish yourself is to make a difference”


“To distinghuish yourself is to make a difference”

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The Business Qualification Standard® is the yardstick for distinctive entrepreneurship and inspires all members of management to excel, both individually and as a team. Participants of the EFBQ each have their own underlying motivation to participate. The most frequently mentioned motivations are, in random order:

  • Measuring the growth of the own business and organisational elements against best practices
  • Realising the defined business objectives and spearheads
  • Evidence of the chosen strategy to a mother organisation, shareholders or bank
  • Readying the organisation for sale
  • Confirming what the company's strengths are and share this with the market (PR)
  • Implementing a framework for a strategic plan as a team
  • Speeding up and safeguarding important strategic improvement processes
  • Developing entrepreneurship and insights within the organisation
  • Further professionalising the various policy aspects
  • Improving the internal communication and collaboration
  • Personal development of board and management team

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The business benchmark inspires to excel individually and as a team.
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The benchmark

Business qualification means doing the right things with a focus on value creation for the organization. Read more


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