Business Qualification

“Know what you want and realize what you want”

Business Qualification

“Know what you want and realize what you want”

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Business Qualification Standard®

The Business Qualification Standard® is the yardstick for distinctive entrepreneurship. It is a unique qualification concept for continuous improvement in a business benchmark with board and management teams of a maximum of 100 selected companies from various industries. The business benchmark inspires all members of management to excel, both individually and as a team.

The EFBQ arose from fundamental research into good and intuitive entrepreneurship, to be able to distinguish between successful and less successful companies. The result is a complete classification standard with over 800 considerations that participants can use as a guideline on their path to qualifying for distinctive entrepreneurship. These considerations form the basis for the unique Business Qualification Standard®, which has continuously been enriched and sharpened based on current developments and best practices of participants and experts.

The Business Qualification Standard® is subdivided into approximately 55 policy aspects, strategic sets of questions, modules and methodologies. Participants qualify by benchmarking against best practices of the selected business benchmark group. These best practices, and not a minimum or average, set the bar for a business or management qualification.

A company qualifies for distinctive entrepreneurship when it has determined its strategic framework and has managed to translate this into the organisation's relevant policy aspects. A company explicitly determines what to focus on and which objectives it aims to realise, as well as what the relevant policy aspects for the organisation are. A manager qualifies for distinctive entrepreneurship when he or she is recognised as best in class by other professionals in their own field.

A Business Qualification Roadmap records the road to distinctive entrepreneurship based on a personal intake. This is customised and only contains policy aspects and considerations that are relevant to the participant for realising the business objectives at that moment. Through constant contact during Benchmark Meetings and Business Reviews, the Business Benchmark Centre knows which best practices are relevant and participants are put into contact with each other based on strategic demand and best practice.

Additionally, participants gain insight into a complete Business Toolbox with best practices, management models and methodologies concerning all policy aspects.

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The business benchmark inspires to excel individually and as a team.
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The benchmark

Business qualification means doing the right things with a focus on value creation for the organization. Read more


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