From Industry to Smart Industry

Optimize your business operations with Smart Industry, or Industry 4.0. This is the dream and at the same time the future perspective for many companies. On November 21, EFBQ took a group of enthusiastic and progressive managers to the Innovation Experience Center of T-Systems in Utrecht for the Business Benchmark Meeting Innovation. More than 20 practical examples of innovation with new technologies were shown under the guidance of experts. And told the story behind it. In short: a tour through the future of business.

Vision on digitization strategy

T-Systems is an ICT service provider for the business market and part of Deutsche Telecom, of which T-Mobile Nederland is also part. At the beginning of this year, T-Systems moved to their new headquarters in Utrecht. The Innovation Experience Center is also located there. Sake Algra, Managing Director, not only gave the entrepreneurs who came along with EFBQ a warm welcome, but also briefly his vision on innovation and automation. In this blog you can read more about Sake Algra's vision on digitization strategy.

Smart applications with innovative technology

After the introduction, Gert-Jan Bruinsma, Marketing & Innovation Center Manager and Martin van der Pol, CTO IoT & Innovations, took those present for a tour of the Innovation Experience Center. Based on the practical examples, T-Systems wants to inspire companies with smart applications of innovative technologies such as Internet of Things and 5G. That goal was certainly achieved during this Business Benchmark Meeting on Innovation. From "connected mountain bike" with integrated eSim card that connects your bike with your smartphone to "smart home" where a smart water heater learns to deal with the increasing pressure on the energy grid in a smarter way. A solution that benefits both the energy supplier and the consumer. The 'connected Greenhouse' also attracted the attention of the entrepreneurs. Integrating sensors and Blockchain with your back office and the latest SAP Technologies to optimize your production and make the food chain more transparent for the consumer.

Would you like to attend an EFBQ Business Benchmark Meeting?

The participants discussed the possible applications and developments within their own organization and industry with great inspiration. Only one representative per sector may participate at EFBQ, so that everyone present can pitch freely and the other entrepreneurs can be deployed as advisory boards. Interested in attending a Business Benchmark Meeting? Get in touch for more information.


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