"...a yardstick for ambitious companies from all business sectors."

- Roger van Wersch, Director Division Belgium at Vebego International B.V. -

"...gives us the opportunity to improve management and business practices with its network of exemplary companies."

- Marco Zeekaf, President and CEO Meldon Plastics B.V. -

"Participants learn from each other and we can make great strides in profitability, continuity and value creation."

- Rob Baan, CEO Koppert Cress B.V. -

"The EC-Standard is a unique methodology that evaluates our management practices on all relevant business aspects."

- Frank van Gool, Directievoorzitter OTTO Work Force B.V. -

"...the only true benchmark for strategic entrepreneurship."

- Heske Groenendaal, Directeur Metaglas B.V. -

"The EFBQ is working on realizing visibly better businesses."

- Sandra Andrae, Coördinator Assessment Centre EFBQ -

"The development of our management as a team, as wel as each member individually,..."

- Henk Vostermans, CEO Vostermans Ventilation B.V. -

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Selection Companies

Only after a careful selection procedure and by invitation only, companies can join the Peer Group. The EFBQ Selection Committee is responsible for ensuring that the composition of the network retains its quantitative standard and will be qualitatively improved.

To this end, a few basic criteria are used, such as:

  • The number of employees working for the enterprise lies between 50 and 50,000.
  • The enterprise presents itself as ambitious and positions itself in the market in a positive manner.
  • The board and/or management team aim(s) to continuously improve the organization and focus(es) sufficiently on strategic entrepreneurship, or strive(s) to improve in this area.
  • Board and management team members are willing to have their own performances examined and to benchmark the results to other organizations.
  • Board and management team members are willing to share their knowledge and experience with the other participants.
  • The enterprise is able and willing to become an active participant in the Peer Group.

Unique Method

  • Assessment on feasibility and ability to anticipate
  • A ‘mirror’ on strategic entrepreneurship
  • Management toolbox